About Us

Kerry Best Designs
Jewelry. Happiness. Adventure. That’s what it’s all about.
Do you embrace individuality and seek out unique jewelry and accessories? If you don’t want the same jewelry everyone else is wearing, then you have found the right place!. I create jewelry that inspires happiness and enlightens and enriches the lives of women who trust their instincts, embrace individuality, seek the unexpected, and love their tribe.
My goal is to bring the world a portfolio of truly unique jewelry and gifts that anticipate and satisfy the styles and desires of women who value individuality, independence and joy.
As far back as I remember, I’ve always loved colors and combining colors and creating and learning everything I could get my hands on. Of course, all my young life, I heard “you can’t make a living as an artist”, so I went down the corporate rabbit hole. In 2023, though, I came up for air and set out to do what I love. This will be an adventure, and I’m all in! I hope you can join me on this voyage
While I love many art forms and creating all kinds of things, I most love making jewelry – and love even more when someone else loves it. It’s the highest compliment.
Many people say “you have to pick a niche or stick with one style”, but I find that impossible to do, so I just go with my own style. I work with many different mediums (gemstones, metals, enamel, ceramics – don’t be surprised to see something crocheted in there, too), as well as combining different mediums and metal colors. While I might make something similar, no two pieces will be exactly alike, and many collections contain all one-of-a-kind pieces.
My inspiration?
It almost always comes from the wonders of nature, drawing from the intricate patterns of leaves, the breathtaking hues of a sunrise, and the rich textures of landscapes. When inspired, I love nothing more than breathing new life into discarded treasures and everyday items and making quirky fun things.
At the moment, Kerry Best Designs is a one-woman show. I handle everything from designing to sourcing materials and crafting each item by hand. Over the years, I've honed my ability to identify the best materials at reasonable prices. My ultimate goal is to craft distinct, timeless pieces from top-notch materials without breaking the bank.
Your satisfaction is my top priority. I take great pleasure in crafting custom pieces that speak to your unique style and ensuring your satisfaction.
Values of utmost importance:
Originality: Always aspire for the unexpected and unique, surprising customers with creativity.
Adventure: Embrace change and search for new ideas and challenges.
Integrity: Always honest, trustworthy and ethical in all things.
Quality: Strive for the highest quality at affordable price points.
Caring: A portion of proceeds donated annually to nonprofit animal rescue and conservation organizations
Exclusivity: Offer limited edition and one of a kind pieces that cater to clients seeking unique and custom jewelry. No two pieces are exactly alike.
I’m perpetually pushing the boundaries of creativity, continually exploring new techniques, materials, and designs to keep my creations fresh, innovative and captivating. New collections are always in the works!
Since I’ve just recently gone all in, I’m in the process of building inventory and creating collections, and I’d love for you to join my inner circle for first peeks into new collections, pieces and adventures - and of course get feedback from you.
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